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How does it work?

It's simple

When you buy the electric bike on the website, your e-bike will be automatically registered with the frame's serial number and identification number with the date of purchase.

The Frey Bike after-sales service determines whether the warranty or charges shall apply according to the elements called for to establish the cause of the breakdown or fault. To do this, the after-sales service may request photos, videos, or the electric bike being taken to a dealer's electric bike workshop.

The e-bike must have the recommended service intervals for the warranty claims to be fulfilled.

In case the buyer doesn't live near a dealer, we have set up support where you can find out what the problem is. This support is provided with telephone support and videos, and appropriate guidance. Frey Bike Schweiz GmbH will then send a replacement if the parts are defective. However, Frey Bike does not take over the work of other dealers.

Frey Bike Schweiz GmbH has the greatest experience of the delivered electrical system in Europe and can help competently. Spare parts are stored in the warehouse in Switzerland and ready for dispatch at any time, so the end user does not have to wait long for parts.

Electrical components
(excluding wearing parts)
2 years
Mechanical components
(excluding wearing parts)
2 years
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