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Ebikes need different service intervals depending on riding style and use. If the bike is only used on the road, the least wear is to be expected. Rides in the Enduro Downhill segment put about 10 times more strain on the bike than leisure rides on the asphalt around a lake. Accordingly, the maintenance intervals must be adjusted.

1st inspection 100-300km: Inspection of safety-relevant components such as brakes, gears, wear parts Wear parts are inspected Check saddle and seat post for tightness. Checking of all screws Software update and software adjustments Tyre check / air pressure and valves Checking the steering unit Test ride

2nd inspection at 500-2500km or at least after one year Check steering unit, stem Check bolts for tightness Gearstick and shift lever: Adjustment work Replace chain Tyres and inner tubes: check for damage and check air pressure Brakes: brake pads, brake handles, brake test Fork and shock function test Check bearings Check engine seat Check lighting system Test all plug connections and electronic components Software update

The 3rd inspection is then carried out at 500-2500km intervals depending on the driving style.

After each 10'000 km it is recommended to grease the engine gearbox.

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